Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Mid Century Chairs

I'm excited to introduce these new affordable Mid Century Designs for 1/6 Scale.

 Please email me with the amount your looking for.

Shown with a fashion royalty doll to give you an idea of the scale and how a fashion doll will look with the design.

Wonderfully Designed this white chair is sure to set off your displays.

13 1/2cm H x 8 1/2cm D x approx 9 1/2 cm W
More stock coming in the new year
White Only
Shown with our Lucite Side Tables

Green Mid Century Design Chair
13 1/2cm H x 8cm D x 7cm W
Green Only
More stock coming in the new year
Shown with our Lucite side tables.

Inventory last updated Oct 1 ,2011


Vanessa said...

All three of these chairs are awesome! Wonderful designs. Every time I think I have a chance to get my budget back on track, something else wonderful becomes available.

MJ said...

I love these!

Xiomara Von Glindmeyer said...

Hello! How do I order the Green Mid Century Chair and the tulip chair :-) I'll be checking back your comment page to see if you have replied. Thank you!

Looking Glass Miniatures said...

To order you can go to the ordering page on my site or just email me, your information. my email is I need to know the quanity you would like and where you live.

thanks jenn

Xiomara Von Glindmeyer said...

Hi! I just emailed you! Please check it. Thank you so much! :-D Your site rocks by the way. and you are so inspiring!!!

Looking Glass Miniatures said...

did not get the email but sent a reply to you so hope you get it and it's not lost in the void of the


Chynadoll said...

Love your work. I am a new follower:)

The Duke of Swann said...

Your work is incredible.