Friday, January 20, 2012

Cow Hide Rugs 1/6 Scale

Well I have to say a big thank you for all of the Doll Communities Support!!
After the pictures I posted Yesterday showing my cow hide rug I received a crazy amount of email's asking if I sell these.

 Yes Sure I do, well that's to say that I made a whole lot last

Faux Black and White Cow Hide Rug
Size Approx 15"L X 13" W
1. Pricing $12.99 each
Out of stock at the moment.

 Faux Light Brown Cow Hide Rug
Size Approx 15"L X 13" W

1. Pricing $12.99 each

contact me at to order your rug today.

Thanks for all your support.


Maria said...

Very well done, i love them.

Brini said...

All the rugs are great! You did a wonderful job.

reallifeminis said...

Glad your rugs are working out. They look very nice. I know I am loving the one I made a few weeks back.

Jason davis said...

Thanks for posting your insights and experiences.
Anybody looking for Traditional Rugs in osborne park, Australia.

Anonymous said...

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