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(Please make sure you let me know the correct email to send your invoice too)

Ordering Info

Send me a list of the items your looking for at   citronlime@hotmail.com

List the item #'s or Write a discription ot the items you would like
You can also copy and paste the pictures if that is easier.

Don't forget to let me know your State or Province you live in so I can get a shipping Quote. In Case of International what Country.

All items are shipped  using recycled materials, if i can find them.
 If I need to purchase a box I will let you know and this will be added to the shipping amount.

I will give you 3 choice's if they are available Sm Packet Ground,Sm Packet Air and Expedited Parcel.

Sm Packet Ground is the Slowest, is not available with tracking #, but is covered by insurance.
Sm Packet Air is a little Faster, is not available with tracking #, but is covered by insurance.

Expedited Shipping is the only one that does come with tracking plus insurance. Is much faster!!

Items are insured if they do not arrive, not for breakage. Please contact me if there is any problems when your receive your items.

I ship around the World.
Shipping times vary, if you are in the US or Canada or International.

Shipping Times are only by Business Days, and Do not reflect Holidays which always slow things down.

Sm Packet Surface can be up to 3-4 weeks if the post office if feeling really slow!
Sm Packet Air is usually between 2-3 weeks.
Expedited Parcel is usually between 1-1 1/2 weeks.
(for US an Canada)
International Times Vary depending on where you live and your shipping choice and your customs!!

These are only my eta's that I have found from shipping. Please remember that I don't work for the post office, and if I could I would make things faster but I cant.



Ebay, http://members.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=style_in_scale

You can also click on my Etsy link and check out my miniatures store which also has feedback.
If you have any questions please send me an email I'm always happy to answer any questions.