Thursday, April 10, 2014

Faux CowHide Rugs for sale in my Etsy shop.

These are faux cowhide and perfect for any 1/6 scale setting. You can purchase them in my Etsy shop.

Friday, April 27, 2012

White Mid Century Chairs in Stock

White Mid Century Chairs are a great and timeless addition to any display.
 $14.99 Each
6 chairs left in stock(Once there gone that's it I cant get anymore)
This page updated September 26th, 2013

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cow Hide Rugs 1/6 Scale

Well I have to say a big thank you for all of the Doll Communities Support!!
After the pictures I posted Yesterday showing my cow hide rug I received a crazy amount of email's asking if I sell these.

 Yes Sure I do, well that's to say that I made a whole lot last
Black & White Cow hide is shown without here without the felt backing.
Black and White Cow Hide Rug
Size Approx 15"L X 13" W
Available in Limited Quantities at 2 price ranges
1. Pricing $12.99 each
(does not include any felt backing)
2. Pricing $19.99 each
(Includes felt back on Rug)

Brown & White Cow hide Rug is shown here with the felt backing.
 Light Brown Cow Hide Rug
Size Approx 15"L X 13" W
Available in Limited Quantities at 2 price ranges
1. Pricing $12.99 each
(does not include any felt backing)
2. Pricing $19.99 each
(Includes felt back on Rug)
Felt backing Can be seen in the picture below.
The felt backing is more expensive to do and more time consuming. It is attached with a fabric fuze and then I cut the ends slightly larger than the felt so you don't see the felt when it's turned over. This gives the rug a very nice true to life weight and does not bunch on you in your displays.

Shipping Pricing

Felt Backed Will come in a cardboard Mailer
Canada $5.00
United States $6.00
Overseas $10.00

I'm still working out the pricing for the non felt back, will find out more today.

contact me at to order your rug today.

Thanks for all your support.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kick off Your Shoes

It's been so busy around here lately my ladies decided to take a little time off and kick off there shoes.

What could be cosier than putting your tooties on a Faux Cow Hide Rug.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Custom Work Kitchen

Kitchen Wood Sideboard in 1/6 Scale, with real working drawers
Full size version of sideboard that the 1/6 scale is based on. Picture from the set.
Kitchen Sideboard 1/6 scale
Kitchen Pot Rack 1/6 Scale
Showing the full size set which the 1/6 items are based on.
Sink unit and Stove 1/6 Scale
1/6 Scale Kitchen Sink Unit, with real metal undermount sink and opening working doors.
Showing both the Kitchen Sink unit and stove side by side for scale.
Real 1/6 Scale stove, Covered with metal.
Showing the set on which the 1/6 items are based on.
If your interested in 1/6 custom work please email me at

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Custom Work, Commission

I have recently had the pleasure of a very unique commission. Here are a few of the items I was asked for.
Occasional Chair
Matching Loveseat
Coffee Table
TV Console
TV Console with Metal Lamp
Picture Frames
More Picture Frames.
I did have more pictures but today I deleted them off the camera by accident. Had lots of good photo's too with dolls in them to show the scale. Everything is in 1/6 Scale
More pics coming soon of the Kitchen Items I also made for the same Company.

Picture of the set from which my furniure is based.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

1/6 Scale Apothecary Bottles and Soaps

New Vintage Line of 1/6 Scale Apothecary Jars and Soaps.
20 Soaps in Vintage Labeled Apothecary Bottle with Removable Glass Lid.
Limited Amounts
$19.99 Each
(55mm H x 23mm W)
Larger Soap Labels can Be Made to add that special touch to your display.

Pricing available upon request

This size $5.00
Shorter Apothecary Bottles with Removable Glass Lids and  Vintage Labels and 15 Labeled Soaps.

Limited Amounts Available
$19.99 Each

(40mm H x 20mm W)

Soaps Rectangular (White Goat's Milk Soap)

5 for $2.50
Limited Amounts

Ceramic White Round Soap Dishes
$5.00 Each
(25mm W)
Size Scale in 1/6 (Fashion Royalty Doll Model)
Oval Milk Soaps 5 for $5
Round Milk Soaps 5 for $5

1/6 Scale (fashion royalty model)

Email me at Citronlime if your interested in any of these items.


Happy Holidays!!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Display at Henri Bendel

Happy Holiday's
It's been a very busy holiday season here at Style In Scale. One of the great things about working in this Scale is the wonderful and talented people you meet. I was fortunate to have Ryan Montgomery send me some pictures of the Holiday Display at Henri Bendel.

Credits for this wonderful display to Gilberto Santana the Associate Vice President of Visual Merchandising at Henri Bendel.
 Full Fashion Scale Apartment to the Left, Now how cool is that!!! Wish I could be there to see this in person!!
I love the greenery around the exterior of the window, what a fresh idea!!
 Modern Bedroom
Style in Scale's Miniature Letters were used in this scene.
 Modern Living Room
The use of the Digital Photo Frame as a TV is so Brilliant!!
Style in Scale's Item's used in shoot.
1.Black and White Chair
2.White S Chair
3. Black Ornate Frame
4. Mirrored Rd Coffee Table
5. Lucite End Tables
6. Coffee Table Books
I love this shot, and especially the mask on the doll.
Style in Scale's Items used in shot,
1. Letters
2. Ornate Frames on Wall
 Living Room
The book cases in this shot are amazing, I love the black on the edge's.
Style In Scale's Items in Shot
1.White Tulip Chair
2.Lucite Coffee Table
3.Coffee Table Books
4. White Block Lamp with Birch Shade
 Dining Room
Well it looks like the party is starting to get out of hand!!
Style In Scale's Items
1. White Slat Back Chairs
2. Black Iron Table
Very Large Closet, wow this is bigger than my first

Thank you so much Ryan for allowing me to be part of your wonderful window display, and for being so kind and sending me these great pictures. They are a treasure in 1/6 Scale!!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Mid Century Chairs

I'm excited to introduce these new affordable Mid Century Designs for 1/6 Scale.

 Please email me with the amount your looking for.

Shown with a fashion royalty doll to give you an idea of the scale and how a fashion doll will look with the design.

Wonderfully Designed this white chair is sure to set off your displays.

13 1/2cm H x 8 1/2cm D x approx 9 1/2 cm W
More stock coming in the new year
White Only
Shown with our Lucite Side Tables

Green Mid Century Design Chair
13 1/2cm H x 8cm D x 7cm W
Green Only
More stock coming in the new year
Shown with our Lucite side tables.

Inventory last updated Oct 1 ,2011