Peggy's Library
 Peggy has made a wonderful library, you can see more of her pictures in her flickr account.

Cow Hide rug looks just perfect in the room.
 Thanks so much Johanna for these new photo's of her wonderful collection!! Your dollies look amazing in there new chairs.
 Johanna's Diorama is amazing, look at all her detail.
 You can see more of Johanna's work at Stinkers Stuff.
The link is on my main page.
Love this shot!! Thanks again Johanna for these images!!

Gina's Diorama. Showing One of my Disontinued Lucite Consoles, and a Custom Topairy I made. You can view more of Gina's photos on flicker.

Thanks Gina, Your Diorama Looks Amazing!! Id like to move in myself!!