Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Display at Henri Bendel

Happy Holiday's
It's been a very busy holiday season here at Style In Scale. One of the great things about working in this Scale is the wonderful and talented people you meet. I was fortunate to have Ryan Montgomery send me some pictures of the Holiday Display at Henri Bendel.

Credits for this wonderful display to Gilberto Santana the Associate Vice President of Visual Merchandising at Henri Bendel.
 Full Fashion Scale Apartment to the Left, Now how cool is that!!! Wish I could be there to see this in person!!
I love the greenery around the exterior of the window, what a fresh idea!!
 Modern Bedroom
Style in Scale's Miniature Letters were used in this scene.
 Modern Living Room
The use of the Digital Photo Frame as a TV is so Brilliant!!
Style in Scale's Item's used in shoot.
1.Black and White Chair
2.White S Chair
3. Black Ornate Frame
4. Mirrored Rd Coffee Table
5. Lucite End Tables
6. Coffee Table Books
I love this shot, and especially the mask on the doll.
Style in Scale's Items used in shot,
1. Letters
2. Ornate Frames on Wall
 Living Room
The book cases in this shot are amazing, I love the black on the edge's.
Style In Scale's Items in Shot
1.White Tulip Chair
2.Lucite Coffee Table
3.Coffee Table Books
4. White Block Lamp with Birch Shade
 Dining Room
Well it looks like the party is starting to get out of hand!!
Style In Scale's Items
1. White Slat Back Chairs
2. Black Iron Table
Very Large Closet, wow this is bigger than my first

Thank you so much Ryan for allowing me to be part of your wonderful window display, and for being so kind and sending me these great pictures. They are a treasure in 1/6 Scale!!



Vita Plastica said...

Wow! I love it! It really shows that you don't need a lot of space to make a cool, realistic diorama. Thanks for posting!

Alison in CA said...

These are really amazing, and fantastically realistic. I have to say, my favorite might be the mask on the doll in the bathtub. I love it!

maria said...

Thanks for sharing these gorgious pictures, they are very inspiring.

Vanessa said...

Those pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Alrunia said...

I wonder what dolls were used for this. Very fascinating :)